Siebert Cleaning Cloth Technology

Using patented low VOC chemistry, Siebert Inc. is the leader in pre-soaked cleaning cloths for automatic blanket washing equipment. We have developed a product that just simply cleans better, providing you with overall savings.

TeXtra Hand Wipes

TeXtra multi-purpose, soft, absorbent industrial-strength wipes. TeXtra wipes are produced using proven textured non-woven technology. TeXtra is a multi-purpose, low-lint wipe for use.

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Advantages of using Siebert presoaked cloth rolls:

  • Reduces cloth consumption by approximately 70%.
  • Eliminates the cost of blanket wash solvent by 100%.
  • Eliminates clogged spray nozzles and hoses.
  • Eliminates odors related to hazardous blanket wash chemistry resulting in a cleaner and safer working environment for customers and employees.
  • Siebert Low VOC pre-soaked cloth cleans both UV/EB hybrid and conventional inks on blankets and back cylinders.
  • Many of the Siebert cleaning cloth rolls can be manufactured using water-emulsified cleaning technology to help remove paper lint and salt residue.

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