Specialty/Maintenance Products

We have developed various cleaning products that contain low amounts of VOC, clean blankets/plates, and more. These specially formulated cleaning products are available in off-the-shelf formulations or customized to your specifications.

Expel 2.0

EXPEL 2.0 is quick and easy to use and rinses with a small amount of water. It contains no harsh solvents, no harmful glycol ethers, and no V.O.C. It is biodegradable and has little or no odor.

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PLT-SR-5 is an acid-based scratch remover and short-term plate preserver designed to remove ink, paper, and calcium salt deposits caused by alkaline paper. SR-5 quickly and easily removes scratches from plate surface and leaves plate ready to print.

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COR #1 is a heat transfer fluid formulated using inhibited Propylene Glycol and proprietary corrosion inhibitors that require less maintenance and provides long-lasting protection. The proprietary corrosion inhibitors also keep internal metal parts clean and rust free.

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